Does your morning and nighttime skincare routine need to be different?

Does your morning and nighttime skincare routine need to be different?

By Elise Parkes

Does your morning and nighttime skincare routine need to be different?

If you’re reading this… like us you’re probably also a little bit skincare obsessed. Whether it’s choosing active ingredients or when to double cleanse, we all know that are morning and nighttime routines probably should be different, but why? And how do you decide if a moisturiser is suited for morning, or a toner is best used in the pm only.  So, let’s get into it: does your morning and nighttime skincare routine need to be different?

In short, how you get your skin ready for the day vs. how you should get it ready for bed daytime is totally different. (The same as how you get yourself ready for work vs ready for sleep should be totally different too.) Your morning skincare should be all about protection and preservation while nighttime skincare should be addressing skin issues before the regenerative process of sleep begins.


During the day your skin becomes highly stressed as it’s exposed to dirt, oil production, makeup, UV rays, pollutants and bacteria. All of this is wearing at your skin cells and skin’s collagen. So how can you properly prepare your skin for this daily onslaught?

  • Start your morning by cleansing. This will rid your skin nighttime oil accumulation, nighttime products and sweat. Our personal favourite? Our brand NEW Peachy Clean milky oil cleanser. Antioxidant rich and ultra-nourishing, this oil cleanser gently removes dirt, impurities and makeup whilst working to soften, soothe and hydrate. Perfect for first cleanse, second or both, meaning it works perfectly as your morning cleanse.

  • If you wish, next up would be a toner. Think of this as a primer, making the products that follow work extra hard. In the morning, we’d go something super hydrating.... Speaking of which... introducing our radiance-boosting, skin brightening, thirst-quenching hydra skin tonic Peach & Glow, for skin that’s fresh, glowing and as juicy as its name sake.  With Peach, Lychee and Aloe to refresh and hydrate, Ginseng for antioxidant protection, Glycerin to protect the skin’s moisture barrier and Tranexamic Acid to target sun and age spots and actively brighten.  Powered by wonder ingredients Bakuchiol and Matrixyl® 3000, known to help boost collagen production and target the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation leaving skin brighter, hydrated and super glowy!  

  • Next up serums. Again, this is on optional one in the morning, you may want to alternate with the one you’re using the evening.

  • Our personal favourite- face oil! This is where we apply our Dawn Elixir, specially formulated to give your skin (and your mind) what it needs to get through the day. Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to not only hydrate and boost radiance but offer protection from free radicals such as UV rays, pollution, toxins and even blue light (emitted from screens, so phone, laptops, tv’s etc.)   

  • Finally, SPF! This one is *not* optional and we recommend using a physical sunscreen for ultimate protection. If you feel like by this point, you’re a bit too wet and over-layered, wait a few minutes before applying your SPF. Go have breakfast or brush your teeth to allow your previously applied products to really sink in and then apply your sun protection.


Now time for bedtime where your focus should shift a tad. At nighttime your skin naturally repairs and recuperates since it’s not having to deal with all of those damaging external factors. So, the products you choose in the evening need to aid and support that regenerative process.

  • Double cleanse! We love doing a double cleanse to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and grime. Start with an oil-based cleanser or cleansing balm to remove the grime (oil attracts oil) and follow with a second cleanse to, you know, do the actual cleansing. Peachy Clean was designed just for this. Warming into a true oil on the skin for your first cleanse, and emulsify with milk for your second. 

  • Next up go for a toner, alternating between something super hydrating and an exfoliating acid. (although if you’re applying retinol skip any acids at this stage.) Always think about your skin type and your skin concerns when you’re picking something new. Struggling with hyperpigmentation? Choose a targeted toner with an ingredient like tranexamic acid or matrixyl 3000. (Hello Peach & Glow!

  • Next up Serums! This is where it’s worth investing your money if you can, again choosing something with amazing active ingredients that specifically target your skin concerns. 

  • Again this is optional, but if you do want to use one this is where you should incorporate it. Retinols are brilliant for stimulating the production of new skin cells (think anti-aging) , but they can cause a fair bit of irritation if you’re not used to using them. Remember that different products may have a higher percentage of retinol than others, so build up gradually. Only use around 2 times per week.

  • Again, our favourite step Face Oil. Our Dusk Elixir, like it’s sister, has been purposefully created for use at its namesake time of day. Containing Bakuchiol, which is a more gentle and natural retinol alternative, it helps to stimulate cell turnover and boost collagen production. It can help with appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and because its gentle and natural you can use it every day without causing flakiness or redness like retinol.  A nourishing blend of 23 natural oils bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and omegas, it’s designed to help plump tired skin with hydration and support natural repair while you snooze, for skin that feels replenished and regenerated. Plus, our Dusk Elixir includes gorgeous essential oils like lavender and frankincense that really soothe and relax the mind before bed.
  • And lastly moisturiser: If you like to layer, you can add in moisturiser for skin that needs extra, extra hydration. Go for something simple, un-fragranced and don’t be too concerned about active ingredients, hydration We’d suggest adding this step in at night when your skin is working to naturally repair and rebuild itself.

And that’s it! It’s all about addressing your own skincare concerns and then catering your routine to that. Think repair and recovery in the pm and protection and preservation in the am. If you need help deciding if a product is for morning or nighttime, or simply have a question, get in touch! Send an email to or send us a DM on Instagram.