Top Tips on Creating a Perfect Hygge Evening In

hygge - a Danish concept that roughly translates to a feeling of contentment, influenced by surroundings, enjoy alone or with friends. Enjoying the little things in life. A sense of being in the moment. Essentially, coziness for the soul.

As lockdown life continues and we spend even more time stuck indoors, creating hygge at home is now more important than ever. A philosophy that originates from the Danes and has helped them solidify Denmark as one of the happiest countries in the world, they might just hold the secret to the stresses of modern life…

Since you know we’re all about self care here at Scientia, simple ways to make life more enjoyable sounds right up our street. So, here’s our top tips on how to create the perfect hygge evening in, a cosy night to take you into autumn...

  • Create a hyggekrog
    Okay… so this one is a little more simple than it sounds. Essentially, it’s creating a nook in your house where you can be hygge. Whether that’s a small corner or an entire room - light a candle, add some cushions, your favourite cozy blanket, a good book and a cup of tea, then... relax.
  • Embrace Soft, Mood Lighting
    Soft, cosy lighting is key for creating a hygge atmosphere. No harsh fluorescent lights allowed. From candles to soft bulbs and twinkling fairy lights. Glowing lighting welcomes, warms and adds a romantic touch and makes the room feel special and cosy.

  • Enjoy the small things and take it slow
    Take the time to cook something from scratch. Note the colour of the leaves. Choose your favourite cloud in the sky. Revel in the small moments and find contentment that way.
  • Food
    Speaking of cooking... food can be a huge part of hygge. Eat outdoors with friends, cook a meal from scratch, visit a locally owned coffee shop.  Indulgent food & good company = indulgence for your soul 

  • Creating hyggeBut … can skincare be hygge?
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