The pros of sunless tanning

As the temperature rises so does our want for a healthy summer glow but without the negative effects of UV exposure.  So how do we get a summery radiant glow without the downsides of premature ageing, sun spots or the increased risk of melanoma?
This is where Sunshine and Sea comes into play, giving you a natural-looking bronzed glow that’s buildable and packed FULL of skin-loving ingredients. Leaving the skin tone more even and the complexion looking illuminated and healthy.
 A lot of people assume you can’t naturally tan whilst wearing self-tanner which is not the case at all, Sunshine and Sea will actually boost your tan (thanks to the 100% natural DHA!) The colourless liquid interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to produce a light golden glow. Meaning you can spend less time in the sun which means less sun damage!
Feel like you might be missing out on the oh-so-essential Vitamin D? Don’t you worry… Sunshine and Sea has ALL the Vitamin D and antioxidants you would need for healthy, youthful skin.
Hyaluronic acid… this cult favourite ingredient pulls moisture deep into the skin to help hydrate and plump dull-looking skin. Oh! We have also added Sea Algae for even extra hydration.  So not only are you getting an undeniable glow, but also refreshed-looking and feeling skin.
Essentially, it’s a sun kiss in a bottle, but without any damage!

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