Beauty Rituals from Around the World

Beauty Rituals from Around the World

Holly Thomas
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Scientia founder Tiff has travelled the world not just hunting down the hottest trends across the globe but learning from beauty rituals from around the world. Whether that’s the ancient practice of aromatherapy (before it was named as such) or the essence of French Girl simplicity in their beauty routines, we’ve used this valued knowledge and practice in the creation process of Scientia, from our Dawn and Dusk Elixirs to our imminent future launches down the line…

Avocado Oil, The Aztecs

The Aztec civilisation is one that has amazed people for centuries, with amazing buildings, incredible design and a flourishing and spiritual culture that fills people with fascination. They were also pretty ahead of the trends when it came to skincare, using Avocado Oil as a natural moisturiser.

Hydrating, moisturising and radiance boosting, Avocado Oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, D and E to protect skin from free radicals and help with fine lines and dullness which is why you’ll find it in our Dawn and Dusk Elixir. We actually source ours from small scale farmer in Kenya, providing a second income for avocado growers who are left with rejected crop from food exporters. The avocados are still amazing and rich in the vitamins and omegas we need (just a little unconventional looking) so that rejected fruit gets a second chance in life and is turned into that incredible Avocado Oil we know and love.

Turmeric, India

Turmeric is an integral part of Indian beauty rituals and applying a Turmeric Mask combined with rosewater or milk prior to a wedding in India or Pakistan, is an important ceremony.  It's a symbolic gesture—the colour of turmeric resembles that of the planet Jupiter, which astrologically represents prosperity and success. Plus, Turmeric actually has an added benefit… glowing skin. Sign us up!

Argan Oil, Morocco

Since at least 600 BCE, people have relied on the natural powers of Argan Oil for its healing and beautifying properties. The Argan tree is grown almost exclusively in the barren lands of south-western Morocco. A natural barrier against the advance of the desert, it prevents soil erosion and protects water resources. Plus, since it’s so rich in vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, traditionally, Argan Oil was used extensively in Morocco to treat various ailments, such as dry skin, acne, wrinkles and joint pain.

You’ll find Argan Oil in both our Dawn and Dusk Elixir, and we help sustainably farm the Argan Oil we use by working with local women’s groups, who pick the fruit from the ground to prevent damage to the tree itself. Previously, women in small family businesses of two or three people would collect the argan fruit and extract its oil. Their husbands or brothers would then sell the oil in local markets or exchange it for sugar and other goods. In recent years, however, women’s co-operatives have been created to meet the surge in demand. These co-operatives provide the women with an income, as well as a social experience and improved status.

Fennel Oil

Known for its astringent properties, Fennel can help to balance oil production whether your skin is naturally dry or oily. In medieval times the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Romans believed Fennel Oil conveyed courage and strength as well as warned off evil spirits.

French Girl Beauty

Chic, classic and understated, French Girl beauty, or Parisian Beauty is all about being yourself, perfectly imperfect without trying too hard. Start with eating well (good food is the base of great skin) and who needs Sephora when you can shop at a French Pharmacy? Pair your perfect (probably foundation free) skin with a red lip and you’ve got that French Girl Beauty down.

Greece, Olive Oil

In Ancient Greece, extra virgin olive oil was thought to be the most incredible natural moisturiser. With it’s antioxidant and antibacterial properties, as well as vitamins A, D, E, and K, they definitely had the right idea. Some still use it as an overnight face mask to penetrate the outer layers of skin, while others apply it as a daily moisturizer (on damp skin to reduce the greasy texture).

However, some studies reveal that olive oil is too heavy for certain skin types, potentially clogging pores and causing breakouts. Instead we use Sunflower Oil in our Elixirs (along with 22 other amazing, noncomedogenic oils) to nourish, hydrate and boost radiance.

Egypt, Milk & Honey

It’s a tale many of us have heard. The Egyptian Queen (& Goddess) Cleopatra bathing in milk and honey to preserve her iconic beauty. Allegedly she also added Lavender or rose petals to the donkey milk. Turns out the lactic acid in milk has exfoliating powers and honey is naturally antibacterial and an antioxidant: so, guess she was onto something. The downside? That's a loott of milk and honey is pretty expensive to be pouring all over your body. As a Vegan brand we won’t be using milk or honey, but you will find Lavender in our Dusk Elixir.

Here at Scientia we take inspiration from all over the globe whether that’s ancient traditions, scientific discoveries or word of mouth passed down generations. What’s your top beauty tip or ritual? Let us know over at @ScientiaBeauty using #secretseekers

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