Need help building a fool-proof breakout routine? We got you covered

Need help building a fool-proof breakout routine? We got you covered

Lily Tickle
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So, you are breaking out right now? Or is your current routine just not doing what it should be doing? Team Scientia put together a fool-proof breakout routine, tackling blemishes and everything else that comes along with them.


A cleanser for oily skin types that won’t strip the skin! What??

First: Cleanser. A good cleanser can change your skin drastically. Our go-to everyday cleanser to keep oily, breakout-prone skin clear is Scientia’s Pure Clarity PHA cleanser. We found that a lot of cleansers aimed towards oily skin could be quite harsh and stripping of the skin which can lead to even more breakouts – not good. Scientia’s PHA cleanser will gently purify, decongest and leave skin looking brighter. Massage the cleanser in for 1 full minute, this will ensure the cleanser breaks down the sebum completely and gives the skin a deep cleanse.


A breakouts bestie: skin texture

Breakouts usually mean an increase in skin texture usually caused by dead skin cells, texture can be frustrating and hard to tackle, and this Is where Scientias PHA skin tonic will be your best friend. 2-3 times a week after cleansing press the skin tonic into the skin for a deep-dive pore cleanse without drying out the skin. The list of what this skin tonic will do for your skin just keeps going, but to put it simply, if you’re wanting to improve breakout-prone skin overall you need it!


Skin feeling angry and sore?

A lot of the time breakouts go hand in hand with redness, irritation and cause the skin to look a little dull, to soothe, hydrate and brighten the skin apply Scientia’s Green Supreme Vegi-Tox Serum AM and PM. We cannot rave about this powerhouse blend of skin-enriching goodness enough. It works to bring down redness and give the skin a green-smoothie-like glow.


Treat blemishes whilst you sleep…

Remember the days where we would treat blemishes with toothpaste? Me too… nowadays we LOVE to apply Scientia pure clarity blemish paste. Formulated to reduce inflammation with Calamine, goodbye redness. It then gets to work by drying out the spot and de-clogging the pores as the white willow bark clarifies and Glycerin rehydrate. This is an absolute essential for angry, stubborn spots!


Extra steps-

We of course love a structured skincare routine but there are some other steps we love to take to ensure we avoid breakouts as much as we possibly can…

·        Stay consistent with your skincare routine.

·        Drink your water!

·        Change your pillowcases often.

·        Avoid picking/ popping blemishes.

·        Only introduce 1 new skincare product at a time.

·        Avoid touching your face.




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