Skincare hacks we wish we knew earlier… much earlier

Skincare hacks we wish we knew earlier… much earlier

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Have you ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of your face wash? Have you ever woken up thinking why your skin looks unhealthy after lathering on skincare the night before? Team Scientia shares all their skincare hacks that truly changed the game.


How long should I be washing my face for?

Who else is guilty of a quick once-over with their face cleanser? We 100% are, but since we learned this secret, we haven’t been able to go back. Turns out, we are supposed to be washing our faces for 1 minute. A full 60-second massage with your favourite cleanser ensures a deep cleanse that will dissolve sebum better, will soften the skin and allows any other products to work harder. This hack works perfectly with Scientia’s Pure Clarity PHA Cleanser, especially if you have oily skin!

 PHA cleanser skincare hacks

makeup looking dry and flakey?

Glowy skin is in! And you don’t need a 5-step routine to get the glow… Scientia’s hybrid product should be in everyone’s base routine for an undeniable glow – Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox serum is THE serum to get exactly that. Think a green-smoothie but in serum form, powered by plants and enriched with Scientia’s complex for a lit-from-within glow. No more dry patches around here.

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How to: Sleep your way to better skin

Many people overlook the importance of skin barrier health or simply do not know the importance. Noticing dry patches, irritation, unexpected breakouts or skin looking dull? You have probably damaged your skin barrier. Our saviour whenever we notice these signs is Scientia’s Ceramide Skin Balm. Packed with 5 types of ceramides, fatty acids, lipids & hyaluronic acid, all the ingredients a damaged skin barrier crave. As we sleep our cells repair themselves, take advantage of this and apply your ceramide skin balm in the PM and sleep in it! Wake up and notice an instant boost and glow to the skin. You are welcome

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Got any skincare hacks of your own? Come let us know over on our social media accounts!

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