Lockdown Part 2: Predicting the trends…

Lockdown Part 2: Predicting the trends…

Elise Parkes
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Yep. It's official. The UK is in ANOTHER lockdown and we're not particularly thrilled about it… It has however led us to reminiscing on the lockdown 1.0 - Joe Wick’s workouts, banana bread, Tiger King, Tik Tok… (yep we fell for pretty much aaall of the above.) So, as lockdown 2.0 swings into full action we’re grabbing our crystal balls and predicting the trends for this lockdown, the winter edition…

 Offline Will Be the New Online

Zoom, FaceTime, House Party… they were the thing to turn to in lockdown part one but to be perfectly honest when it comes to virtual quiz’s we’re pretty much over it. The Zoom Quiz’ went on for faaar too long (especially once the wine was cracked open) and House Party was kinda ruined by the fear we we’re going to get hacked. This time round stepping away from our laptops and finding some mindfulness is going to be more us. Walking, journaling, crafting… basically anything that takes us away from the screen.

Turning to old comforts

Instead of binge-watching the latest Netflix release (yep Tiger King) or BBC Drama (still not over Normal People) we’ll be turning to old comforts. There’s something reassuring about watching some thing for the 100th time, plus it transports us to a place before COVID even existed… we like to go back to the late 90’s – think Buffy, Friends, Sex and the City- amazing clothes, some light hearted drama and not a pandemic in sight…

Skincare is King

So, this one never really changes for us, we’re pretty much always obsessed with skincare. But for lockdown 2.0 we’ll all be looking at taking things up a level. For those of us with more times on our hands, we’ll all really getting invested in our skin and ourselves (especially since winter means it needs a little more love and attention) From really getting to grips with the science behind our skin (did someone say Secret Seekers) to treating ourselves to a luxury skincare investment with new Scientia gift sets, it’s time to get glowing…

Peach scientia gift set

Savoury is the new sweet

That Banana bread obsession got kind of old? Yes, it may be the only thing you know how to bake but give the poor bananas a break… turning to cooking in a time or crisis is still a great way to find a little comfort but in this lockdown we think we’ll all be challenging ourselves with a bake that’s a little more complex. Ditch the bananas and go for simply, bread. There’s something undeniably comforting about the scent of hot fresh baked bread, especially when it’s made from scratch. Plus, you can work out some of those tensions whilst kneading the bread, win, win. From a fresh loaf to bagels, although we all pretty much want to say see ya to 2020, being able to make your own bread from scratch will be a skill you’ll treasure for life.

The Home Makeover Goes Outside

Lockdown 1, B&Q was pretty much sold. out. Since we were all spending sooo much time indoors, that old sofa, the kitchen walls you never really like the colour off. All these things suddenly annoyed you more than ever before. As for the outdoors, well the sun was shining so what else could you need? This time round, our houses are already pretty much perfect (you can only Queer Eye your house so much now it’s time to turn to the outside. For those of you with outdoor space, whether that’s your balcony or back yard, a garden heater and some twinkly fairy lights are going to be lockdown 2.0 essentials.


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