Under Eye Circles: How to banish them for good!

Under Eye Circles: How to banish them for good!

Elise Parkes
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Dark circles, under eye bags… whatever you call them, we all get them and we (almost) all want to get rid of them

In order to send them packing we thought we’d delve a little deeper into what causes them. It’s common to put them down to a few too many late nights or just being totally exhausted in general which is definitely a key factor but are there other reasons you could be experiencing dark circles or puffiness around your eyes?  

  • Diet- As with everything the effects of your diet can often be seen around the eyes making look puffy and increase the appearance of bags. Avoiding salt and alcohol can help to tackle your extra baggage if this is the cause!
  • Allergies- If your body has taken a dislike to something the first place this will show is around your eyes, causing them to puff and under eye circles to be pronounced. Treat the allergic reaction and eliminate the product causing it from your routine.
  • Sleep- The age old cause of dark circles… not getting enough shut eye! Continuously going to bed late or not getting enough zzz’s in causes skin to become dull and the dark tissues and blood vessels under the eye to become more prominent. Fatigue can also cause excess fluid to build around the eyes leading them to become puffy.
  • Age- As we get older, reduced collagen production and loss of elasticity can take effect from your 30’s, this results in the under eye area having less support and in turn exacerbates under eye bags.
  • Genetics- Unfortunately, some of us are just genetically more prone to under eye circles than others! With this presenting itself as dark circles in some and puffy under eyes in others.

So if your under eye baggage aren’t caused by diet, lack of sleep or allergies, what can else can we do to send them packing for good?

Often we forget that the skin around our eyes has different needs to the rest of our complexion so when you’re specifically wanting to tackle your under eye circles you need a specific product to target it. Look out for the following ingredients in your eye cream or serum:

  • Vitamin C- A known skin booster! Vitamin C helps to brighten the complexion which is perfect for tackling dark circles, making skin (and eye area) brighter and reducing the appearance of ‘panda eyes.’ We love Starfruit for this one!
  • Hyaluronic Acid- We know its great for hydrating, and that’s exactly what you need in your eye area! Tired eyes need a burst of hydration to smooth and plump.
  • Bakuchiol & Retinol- Retinols or any collagen boosting ingredient helps to improve skin elasticity and keeps the skin around your eyes supported.
  • Antioxidants- Help to fight the effects of free radicals on the skin by boosting your eye care with some antioxidants. Dree radicals are known to damage the skin cells leading to signs of premature aging becoming visible on our skin (especially around the eyes!)
  • Calming ingredients- Finally, we want to be looking for ingredients that will calm and soothe any puffy eyes cause by tiredness. Look for ingredients such as Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea to calm and hydrate.

Lucky for you, we’ve packed as many of these super star ingredients into our Notox Youth Boost Eye Serum as possible. Starfruit Extract which is absolutely full to the brim with Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Vitamin A, Bakuchiol our powerful Retinol alternative, Hyaluronic Acid to soothe and hydrate, Aloe and Cucumber to calm and hydrate.

Plus, our two magic ingredients, instantly smoothing Tens-up Complex and SNAP-8, an amino-acid peptide solution which mimics the action of Botox. Everything you need to send those bags packing!

Youth Boost Anti-Aging Eye Serum

Youth Boost Anti-Aging Eye Serum


Take action against fine lines, puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles with NOTOX youth boost eye serum. For smooth, lifted and radiant under eyes.  The instantly smoothing Tens-up™ complex and amino-acid peptide-solution, the snap-8™ peptide helps mimic the effect of your… Read More

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