Skincare Routine for your 30's, does it need to be different?

Skincare Routine for your 30's, does it need to be different?

Elise Parkes
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For many of us in our early 20’s our skin looked like it was in it’s prime. Wrinkles… please, what wrinkles? To be honest most days our skincare routines could have consisted of simply taking off our makeup (sometimes not even that…) and we’d be good to go! In your 20’s your routine needs to look something like this- a good cleanser, a gentle exfoliant / hydrating toner, moisturiser/oil and SPF will really do the trick. But as you get into your 30's does your skin really need to be different? 

The things is, as you transition into your late 20’s and early 30’s that’s when you might start to notice your skin going through a transition too. From hormone changes to collagen production and skin cell turnover, there’s a lot going on… dryness, dullness, pigmentation, irritation and redness, fine lines and wrinkles and even a fresh bout of hormonal acne you haven’t seen since your teenaged day. (fun…) 

As your skin transitions through this new period of your life, your skincare routine should be transitioning too. If you haven’t already, this is the time to really dive into a ‘grown up’ version of your regime. Listen, none of us are going to get through our thirties completely wrinkle free but by adding a few key products to your routine and adjusting your existing one slightly we can get pretty close to it…

In summary it needs to go something like the below-
Switch up your cleanser (go for something more nourishing now) introduce AHA’s and BHA’s for re-surfacing, start introducing Retinol or Bakuchiol to help boost that collagen production and turn to something that can help with that pigmentation that’s starting to appear (vitamin C, tranexamic acid.) For those fine lines and wrinkles forming around the eyes, switch your usual hydrating eye cream for something a little more potent, acting as a preventative and a treatment (did someone says Notox...)  You don’t have to go crazy and spend loads of money but a few careful tweaks and a couple new introductions can make all the difference.


From as early as your mid-twenties your skin cell turnover has already begin to slow, meaning dead cells are accumulating on the surface of your skin which interferes with light reflection. Essentially this means skin looks a little more dull and less youthfully radiant. Therefore, you need to get a little more serious with your exfoliation, incorporate AHA, BHA or PHA toners into your daily routine, and then trying something a little more like an at-home peel once a week.

Collagen Production

In your thirties important proteins such as collagen and elastin begin to breakdown faster than ever before, plus your skin is making less and less of it. On top of that the naturally found, skin plumping amazingness we all know and love aka hyaluronic acid is starting to decrease, meaning forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, and more prominent laugh lines as well as a loss in volume in the cheekbones and jawline. (this can also be down to a loss of estrogen that happens in our thirties.)

So what can you do about it? Actually quite a lot!
Look for products that promise to help with collagen-production (think Retinol, Bakuchiol, Matrixyl 3000, sounds like Dusk Elixir to us… ) and start applying hyaluronic acid topically to help plump the skin and bring back that youthfulness.

In fact, we had those very things in mind when we created our Notox youth boost eye serum, helping you to achieve smooth, lifted and radiant under eyes.  89% natural, with Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe to instantly hydrate and soothe, infused with Bakuchiol and powered by Ferulic Acid and Starfruit Extract to firm and plump. We also added the instantly smoothing Tens-up™ complex and amino-acid peptide-solution, SNAP-8™ to mimic the effect of Botox (no needles necessary…) Want to know more? Take a look here.


All that sunbathing you’ve been doing for the past couple of decades, is starting to show up on your face now too. Sun degrades our collagen and elastin and effect our body’s ability to create healthy new cells, so SPF protection is the most important element for prevention. For those existing dark spots of hyperpigmentation, you need to add something brightening into your daily routine. We’re obsessed with Tranexamic Acid right now, it’s beauty’s new buzzword and for a good reason, targeting those dark spots and helping to improve skin’s clarity.  In fact, we love it so much you’ll find it in our Peach & Glow hydra skin tonic, an ultra-hydrating toner bursting with pigmentation fighting ingredients like Bakuchiol as well as Tranexamic Acid.


Last but not least, breakouts. You might have thought your days of unpredictable acne are long gone, but unfortunately for a lot of us our thirties welcome back breakouts, primarily due to hormones. However, if you think your old teen-tested treatments will work for your adult skin, think again. Adult skin just isn’t as resilient as teenage skin, and cell turnover is a lot less frequent, meaning it takes longer to see results from topical treatments. Your skin is likely more dry and sensitive than in your youth, so step away from the harsh astringents. Instead looks for gentle AHA’s and BHA’s or a gentle topical treatment and make sure to follow up with moisturiser and SPF, incorporating anything new one at a time as not to cause further irritation.

 And that’s it! Ageing doesn’t have to scary, it doesn’t have to be expensive and definitely doesn’t mean you have to panic. With a few tweaks and some careful ingredient searching it’s super easy to adapt your existing routine to really target your skincare when its most needed. Got any Q’s?, get in touch over on Instagram @scientiabeauty or send us an email to we’re always down for a skincare chat…

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