Rest Your Mind: Our Top Meditation and Wellness Picks

Rest Your Mind: Our Top Meditation and Wellness Picks

Elise Parkes
3 minute read

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It goes without saying that we’re living in a really strange time right now. Being cooped up in our homes much more than we would usually is bound to have an effect on our mental state of mind. Whether its in total overdrive with anxiety and overthinking taking control or you’re having trouble focusing on anything at all, its totally normal to be feeling not quite ‘with it’ right now.

Its never been more important to take care of your mental health so with that in ‘mind’ (get it?) Team Scientia have been turning to meditation, breath work and general positive vibes to get us through.

Now, meditation is something we’ve spoken about before here at Scientia, but if you’re new to it all then don’t worry! Meditation doesn’t need to be intimidating or daunting, 5 or 10 minutes here and there of guided meditation is all it takes to get started. Many studies have shown the positive impact it can have on mental health, helping to manage stress, anxiety and boost focus! Its all about starting small and incorporating some of the amazing resources that are out there to help you.

Breathwork? What’s that all about we hear you ask. Well, breathwork is the practice of circular breathing techniques usually lead by an expert in the field. In a very similar way to meditation it helps to clear your mind, promote relaxation and alleviate anxiety, plus its also been shown to increase energy and release toxins- definitely worth a try if, like us, you’re looking for alternative ways to rest your mind.

Sound good to you? Well, we’ve rounded up some of our absolute favourite meditation and breathwork resources for you to try at home:

Simple Habit – This free app has tons of meditation courses as well as mini meditations that cater to your specific need. For example, if you’re having trouble focusing or struggling to get to sleep, you can choose that specific concern from the list, input how much time you have and it will match you with a perfect meditation.

Daily Meditation Podcast- This podcast available on Apple provides quick 10 minute guided meditations which are based around a specific themes each week, allowing you to learn techniques to manage anxiety and stress triggers.

Mirallego – Claudia documents her wellness journey on her Instagram where she uploads guided meditation IGTV’s that are simple to follow, plus her feed is totally inspiring too!

Re:Mind – Re: Mind Studio offers mediation, yoga, breathwork and crystal healing sessions, usually from their London studio but in the current climate they’re offering all their classes online- win!

Breathe with James – James is a breathworker who in his late teens suffered with chronic fatigue and pain which he tackled with breath work and meditation. Now he’s bringing the practice to everyone with 1:1 sessions and Instagram Lives!

Breathpod – Stuart is another incredible breath coach with years of experience in managing anxiety and stress through breathing techniques. Join Stuart twice a week for his amazing Instagram Live practices!

So grab your phone, find your favourite session and settle down for some ‘me time’…

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