50 things to do while self isolating

50 things to do while self isolating

Elise Parkes
3 minute read

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50 things to do while self-isolating...

With the world now practicing social distancing and self-isolation, we want to help make staying at home just as fun as going out! Here are fifty ways to keep boredom at bay…

  1. Wake up
  2. Make a cup of tea or coffee
  3. Shower
  4. Contemplate what to wear for in the house…
  5. Put on a nice top and a pair of jeans
  6. Change into lounge wear and wonder why anyone would wear jeans to stay inside
  7. Make some scrambled eggs on toast
  8. Get distracted and scroll Instagram for an hour instead and burn the scrambled eggs on toast …
  9. Wonder why and how everyone is baking and posting it on their story when you can’t seem to find flour anywhere?
  10. Watch skincare videos on YouTube
  11. Think of how you can become a skincare blogger after watching the videos
  12. Download Tiktok
  13. Learn the latest Tiktok dances (they are harder than they look)
  14. Attempt to become Tiktok famous
  15. Decide you have no rhythm and can’t Tiktok
  16. Organise your wardrobe
  17. Regret starting this mammoth task 
  18. Start a board game
  19. Get too competitive and throw a tantrum then realise why you don’t play board games
  20. Get Disney+
  21. Watch as many Disney films as possible in one day
  22. Decide you need some fresh air
  23. Go for a walk or run
  24. Realise how unfit you are and make a pact with yourself you’ll start working out more...
  25. Play Wii Fit
  26. Hide the remote from your partner so you win
  27. Have a tea break
  28. Do the washing
  29. Do the ironing
  30. Remember why you never do the ironing!
  31. Plan a holiday with your friends for next year
  32. Go food shopping
  33. Queue outside the supermarket for 30 minutes
  34. Return home with no pasta, toilet paper or flour
  35. Have a tea break again…
  36. Open the biscuits and then eat your body weight in biscuits
  37. Watch all ten series of Friends
  38. Decide what you want for dinner
  39. Can’t decide what you want so order a Dominoes
  40. Download Zoom
  41. Attempt to catch up with your friends while everyone talks at once
  42. Add obligatory picture of your Zoom gathering to your story
  43. Create a feel good playlist
  44. Time for a Lizzie McGuire movie sing along (sing to me Paulo...
  45. Eat your Dominoes… (yum)
  46. Run a bath
  47. Have a long detox and cleanse your skin
  48. Get into bed and realise you can’t sleep because you’ve done nothing all day
  49. Decide to online shop instead
  50. Order something from Scientia to make your day a little brighter!

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