Top tips for working (super!) efficiently from home

Top tips for working (super!) efficiently from home

Elise Parkes
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With everything going on in the world right now many of us have been newly welcomed to the world of working from home! Sounds fun right, PJ's 24/7, Netflix whenever you want and you've finally got control of the office playlist. Sounds amazing right? Not so much... 

By now you've realised your daily routine is all out of sync, you’ve not washed your hair in 5 days and your new co-worker (the cat) is refusing to do his fair share of tea rounds...  If working from home life is taking it’s toll, read on to discover how working from home can actually be more productive than a day in the office…

  1. First things first, set yourself up right, showered and dressed for the day, it’s so much easier to get into a work frame of mind if you're not sat in your PJ's with unbrushed teeth and unbrushed hair (dry shampoo is ok…) Also, you never know when you might need to jump on a call with a customer or senior team member! Starting your day as you normally would for work (shower, breakfast etc.) will help your brain realise you’re here to work, not play (or nap!)

  2. Dedicate a specific area to your work, keep it. Try and keep your work area separate from your couch/bed if you can and don't get those two areas confused! You need to feel like you are in a work zone when you're working and in a rest zone when you are resting.

  3. Try and face out of a window if you can. There’s nothing quite like some fresh air and a little bit of sunshine.

  4. Check in with your team first thing in the morning. Set a daily call for when your work day begins (ours is 8.30am!) and everyone can share their daily targets, updates from the day before and discuss anything important in person (or as close to in person as we can get these days!) This way everyone knows what the others are up to in their team and you get a bit of social time face to face. This can easily be done via WhatsApp (if there’s less than 4 of you) Zoom, google hangouts, the list goes on and on!

  5. Keep your work area clean and organised. This, in theory should be well practised whether you’re working from home or not… However, it’s a lot easier to let the dirty cups pile up when you don’t have a judging co-worker sat next to you!

  6. Keep distractions to a minimum, say no to Netflix! 😉 You may think you can work with Friends playing in the background, but chances are it’s going to slow down your productivity and start your mind wandering…

  7. Keep in touch with your team through the day via skype and video calling, it will make the world of difference to you and them. Not only does it help keep the ball rolling through with work projects, it does wonders for morale. Team tea break anyone... (followed by your daily WIP of course) 

  8. Try to keep some exercise in your routine, it will help to keep you motivated and its good for your mental well-being, there are tons of at home work outs online while we can't go to our usual gym classes, that or a nice (socially distant) walk will do you wonders. 

  9. Do your best to keep hydrated and eat healthy... same reasons as above. It will set you up to feel good and not like you are hibernating with a hangover!

These are the tips Team Scientia will be following over the next few weeks, got any more? Get in touch over at @scientiabeauty on Instagram, and let us know!

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