Why Vitamin D is your new best friend

Why Vitamin D is your new best friend

Elise Parkes
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Why Vitamin D is your new best friend - the lowdown

Vitamin D, it’s currently a hot topic. Glow giver and health booster, usually gained courtesy of quality time spent with the sun, but do you look for it in your skincare?

The latest vitamin in the beauty spotlight, Vitamin D is just as vital as its cousin, Vitamin C. And we all know what one of the biggest sources of Vitamin D is… the sun.

Due to a lack of year round sun exposure, studies show that almost ¾ of the British population have inadequate Vitamin D levels and that’s even before the fact that lockdown has kept us locked down and far far away from poolside cocktails and that scorching summer abroad sun.

So, how does Vitamin D help my skin?

A fat-soluble vitamin that is primarily made by converting cholesterol from UV light, into the active form. Vitamin D is known for being an anti-inflammatory, it can contribute to skin repair, enhance the skin's immune system and even help to destroy free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

As an antioxidant, Vitamin D helps fight a multitude of skin-related effects, from tackling ageing to fighting off free-radicals. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen elastin (hello baby face!) and maintain overall skin health.

Wanna glow? Grab your vitamin D.


How can I keep my Vitamin D levels up?

The most obvious answer is to spend time in the sun, but if the sun is not available (and let’s be honest he does not come out to play as often as we would like) or if you want to avoid the damage the skin can do to your skin, then Vitamin D-rich skincare is your next best port of call.

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